Research Projects

Former projects:

Electret microphones

Micromachined microphones and earphones (MEMS) :

  • Capacitive, electret, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, FET, and optical microphones and earphones

Microphone arrays and beamforming

Silicon oxide and silicon nitride electrets

Electron irradiation of dielectric materials

Measuring methods for charge and polarization distributions with µm resolution (LIPP method)

Current projects:

Ferroelectret materials :

  • Polypropylene and fluoropolymer ferroelectrets
  • Ferroelectrets with longitudinal and transverse piezoeffect

Ferroelectret transducers :

  • Microphones, accelerometers, ultrasonic transducers

Ferroelectret and electret energy harvesters and nanogenerators

List of previous dissertations