to the web pages of the group on Electroacoustics at the TU Darmstadt. Focal points of research in the area of electroacoustics are the conception and development of electroacoustic and electromechanical sensors and actuators as well as the study of the relevant materials. For carrying out this work we have available the analog and digital equipment as well as a large anechoic chamber. The work is a continuation of our original studies of the electret microphone and the introduction of micromachined (MEMS) silicon microphones.

Electret microphones

Silicon (MEMS) microphones on wafer

Zellular piezoelectret foil

In recent times we explore piezoelectrets (ferroelectrets) and work primarily on electret and piezoelectret transducers such as microphones, accelerometers, ultrasonic transducers, and energy harvesters. You will find more information on the pages “Research Projects”.


Piezoelectret energy harvester